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NextWrite boards have a 5-7 year life expectancy outdoors, so your NextWrite board can have a 7+ year lifespan indoors.

NextWrite boards are suitable for essentially any surface such as wood, metal, plastic, walls. The ideal surface is flat and smooth for the best writing ability. Popular examples of surfaces include - walls, desks (metal, wood, laminate, plastic), refrigerators, etc.

NextWrite’s adhesive is made by 3M and is specifically created for “medium strength” adhesion meant for surfaces such as walls, desks, tables, doors, windows, etc. For walls that were not properly painted or painted without a primer coat, OR with any surface that is already damaged, compromised in any way or poorly constructed, this adhesive can pull paint or surface layers when you come to removal or repositioning.

All NextWrite boards come with an installation tool and printed installation instructions.

6 mil (0.15 mm), about the thickness of 2 pieces of regular printer paper. NextWrite boards will reflect the condition of the surface it is adhered to.

Any type of dry erase marker can be used. In the event of any sort of permanent marker used, it can be easily cleaned off with most any alcohol based cleaner or rubbing alcohol (we recommend using 90%+ isopropyl alcohol).

We recommend a microfiber cloth or standard whiteboard eraser, but really any sort of cloth or paper towel will work, even your fingers!


Yes, as is described in the installation instructions, the surface the NextWrite board is getting applied to should be free of any dust or debris and completely dry. It is also recommended that once the NextWrite board is taken out of the packaging it lay flat for 24 hours prior to installation, to be sure the graphic is settled flat.

The small board can be installed solo, as well as the medium. However, if you feel you need some extra help surely grab a friend to ensure a smooth installation. The large and extra large size boards are recommended to be installed with 2 people.

Yes, NextWrite has an outdoor life expectancy of 5-7 years and a UV resistant barrier that can protect from sun fading.

Yes, but please note if it is removed from unfinished wood, the wood may splinter and some splinters may come up with the adhesive of the board.

Sure can!

NextWrite boards have an air release technology that allows for any small air bubble to easily be pressed down with your thumb or finger and flattened to the surface. If you have any large air bubbles, use the provided installation tool and simply squeeze the air out towards the edge.

Absolutely...if you accidentally wrinkle it during the install, putting warm air from a hair dryer or heat gun, will take most any wrinkle or crease out. You may have to press the wrinkle out with your finger or a squeegee but light pressure should get it right out. You may need to pull the board back to where the wrinkle is located and proceed with the above suggestions.

*ALSO - NextWrite boards are considered “self healing” so protip if you’ve scratched your surface, simply bust out the hair dryer or heat gun and evenly heat the surface and any superficial scratches or scuffing will go away!

With the use of a hair dryer or heat gun, heat the NextWrite board to help the adhesive ease it’s release from the surface it's applied to. Slowly peel away from the surface, avoiding any ripping or tugging abruptly as this may cause surface damage.

NextWrite boards are designed to peel away from a wall that is complete and sealed (primed and painted) without removing paint. This applies to any other surface your NextWrite board may be adhered to. We like to say ‘the adhesive is only as good as the surface it is applied to’.

We do like to note that due to our inability to predict any structural integrity of individual surfaces we cannot guarantee that removal won't cause damage.

Unfortunately this is not recommended.

However, if you place your NextWrite board in a spot and change your mind within 24 hours of installation it is possible at your own discretion to remove it from its current location to a new one. Once reinstalled, we recommend heating the NextWrite board using a hair dryer or heat gun to help for an initial adhesion bond to the second surface it’s applied to.

Unfortunately this is not recommended as the application process will become more difficult and due to the texture it would cause an uneven writing surface.

You will need a pair of scissors to cut away any extra material. The NextWrite boards come with an installation tool (squeegee) and there are adhesive tabs built into the perimeter of the board to use as tape; you may want to use extra masking tape to guarantee keeping the board secure for installation - this is suggested to do with the size Large and XL boards. You may also want a measuring tape to be sure your NextWrite board is centered or level.