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About Us

How long have you been in the industry?

NextWrite is a division of Clean Slate Group (CSG), founded in 2011 in Bozeman, MT. From the beginning we’ve focused on innovative materials and protective laminates, with the purpose of protecting surfaces, but also focused on where we can better people’s lives. In 2014, CSG partnered with Honeywell to advance the use of one of their pharmaceutical products (ACLAR®) in the industrial and public sectors. After years of use and constant product advancement, this product is the world’s best anti-graffiti and dry erase laminate. CSG has the exclusive license on this product and is called CSG Protect. CSG Protect is the industrial, medical and municipality trade name, but we’ve always used this material for personal use; for note taking on desks, full dry erase walls, etc. The more surfaces we would put our material, the more people would ask for it, as each person sees the value and use for themselves. We started customizing the designs, templating the shapes and NextWrite was born.

Our laminate is not only an anti-graffiti laminate (resistant to spray paint, markers, adhesives & harsh chemicals) is UV stable, a chemical & moisture barrier (this is a key piece of the pharmaceutical use of this product)...but it a truly superior dry erase surface and allows you to turn most any surface into an incredible writable surface, while protecting your surfaces from the damage of cleaning chemicals. *In many cases, people want NextWrite wraps to give their dated surface a facelift or make their desks, counters, tables, walls, etc. better match their design or decor style, etc.

What is NextWrite’s story?

NextWrite was born from the need/desire for a multi-use writable surface that is superior in material (you can actually fully/quickly remove dry erase markers AND permanent markers) as well as aesthetically pleasing. We have used our product in our office in many of our different office spaces and realized we need to share this with everyone to write, create, and the ability to repeat.