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write. create. repeat.

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Our patented technology allows for even the toughest permanent marker to come off with ease.

Transform any surface into your organizational space, creative playground, calendar, master task list, or a notes station in under 15 minutes.


NextWrite boards have a 5-7 year life expectancy outdoors, so your NextWrite board can have a 7+ year lifespan indoors.

NextWrite boards are suitable for essentially any surface such as wood, metal, plastic, walls. The ideal surface is flat and smooth for the best writing ability. Popular examples of surfaces include - walls, desks (metal, wood, laminate, plastic), refrigerators, etc.

NextWrite’s adhesive is made by 3M and is specifically created for “medium strength” adhesion meant for surfaces such as walls, desks, tables, doors, windows, etc.  For walls that were not properly painted or painted without a primer coat, OR with any surface that is already damaged, compromised in any way or poorly constructed, this adhesive can pull paint or surface layers when you come to removal or repositioning.

All NextWrite boards come with an installation tool and printed installation instructions.

6 mil (0.15 mm), about the thickness of 2 pieces of regular printer paper. NextWrite boards will reflect the condition of the surface it is adhered to.